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What Shopping Cart Should I use?

My first question would be, do you have products or services to sell?  Do you want your clients to be able to get their e-book right away?  Do you want to capture their name and email address when they visit your site so you can send them a newsletter, an audio e-course, or contact them?  Do you want to create an affiliate program, so people can help you sell your products/services and they receive a commission?  If you answered yes to at least 2 of those questions then I recommend the 1ShoppingCart/Cartville/KickStartCart program. The links I provided here offer a 30 Day Free Trial.

What are Autoresponders?

Autoresponders help you capture visitor sign-ups, send unlimited follow-ups and newsletters. Building relationships are very important and if you answered yes to the question above about capturing names, email addresses and phone numbers then all you need is an autoresponder and CartvilleAweber are major ones that work real well.  IContact is another, which I will explain below as well.

If you are wanting an autoresponder and a beautiful newsletter all in one, recommended by business pro's, we found IContact because a friend of NAWBO recommended this and I am sure glad she did.  It has been the perfect fit for my clients.  They do have templates and autoresponder all in one.  Their price is reasonable as well.

If you are wanting to send a beautiful newsletter, staying in contact with your clients, Constant Contact is widely used by business professionals. If you already have a list of your clients, Constant Contact allows you to import those names without having to have your client opt-in again.  You have to be real careful that these names are truly people who want to receive information from you.

How about Audio & Video?

The one that we recommend is Audio Acrobat, we have been using them for years now and they are great and easy to use.  They offer a 30 Day Free Trial so you can give them a test drive.  We use audio for the websites, emails, recording tele-classes, making your own audios can be a product you could sell later as a download or CD.  They have launched their video capabilities too, keeping up with the times.

We can help you with all these programs, so you can take your business to the next level.

What Hosting should I use for My Blog?

After researching, WordPress recommended HostICan and they use Fantastico, which is an awesome installer of many programs, including WordPress. They are doing a great job of hosting my VPS (virtual private server) and we are very familiar with the Control Panel and installation of your Blog or Website. Another great place where I have a dedicated server is GVO and they do a great job too, they have cpanel/fantastico and some other cool features.

What WordPress Theme Should I Use For My Blog?

WordPress has many "free" themes which you can use.  However, my clients are professionals and require a theme that gives them a professional looking blog that stands out. One of my favorites is the Studio Press (used to be called Revolution) themes. Brian Gardner creates very professional WordPress themes and his themes are what many clients choose. They require some customization and I love to work with Brian & his themes.  Click here to visit StudioPress website!

There is a second set of WordPress themes that just came to my attention as one of my clients is going with the Solostream WP-Vybe theme.  After reviewing this, it will be great for this client and has a unique layout and good customization features. Michael Pollock does a great job creating these themes and I look forward to working with his themes as well. Click here to view more details.

Where Do I Buy A Domain Name?

I almost did not put this in... thinking... doesn't everyone know where to buy a domain name... Well, I realized that this is the first place to start and have helped numerous clients get their domain names.  We have been using GoDaddy for years and they are actually in Arizona, where I live and are considered to be the World's Largest Registrar - .  They have always had a reasonable cost for domain names too!!

How To Protect Yourself Against Spam ?

Many people ask me this, as you will find out the more visible you are on the internet spam just seems to increase.  Personally I have used SpamArrest for the last 8 years and have written an article on my SoulPurposeMarketing blog with a tip to help prevent spam.

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